Thursday, April 14, 2011

Studio Visit with Wendy White

Wendy White in front of new painting

Wendy White's paintings are made by drawing with tape made stencils achieving White's font, then painted through with an airbrush. The frames are handmade by White herself and at times extend beyond the canvas with the adidas inspired frame which continues to the architecture running along the floor board. Her inspiration is derived from the ghosts of New York, such as the Gangs of New York. Painted layers on canvas call to mind demolished tenement buildings and the relentless society of progress. Following a demolition, plans to erect the succeeding establishment have already been made. Everything is superimposed and sentimentality is an obsolete response to the capitalistic, globalized, industrialized land of American Dreams. She suggests to the viewer through the use of stylized sport imagery (the tri-stripe) that time is forward but the past is timeless. 

To view Wendy's 3 Stripes : SITE