Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Birth of a BLOG

After scrutinizing, blaspheming,  cuss, and dawn, "Blog on Linen" has arrived.  Blog wrapped in swaddling media exposure, cyberspace fluid, and love is now an answer to all you Nihilists out there in search of an answer to the Art Existentialism. "Blog on Linen" is an asexual new born weighing in at the human attraction gravitational pull, that is, weight is your own personal reckoning.  Now, you must wonder what happens when a blog is born, well the polite reaction would be to throw a birthday party in honor of thou art. Choosing a location for such to accomodate the local (user) and remote (server) poles of network attachment may be a fire hazard and we may overload the carrying capacity but this is blogland, landless, intangible and on cloud nine. With this said, I feel the only physical domain that can manage such an enthusiastic  audience would be: Cheryl Donegan's show opening at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery.  We will channel our zealous fervor to Irelands provocative, lucky booty-based impression making female.  Welcome and let's all pause for a moment to wish "Blog on Linen"  a very happy birth. 

Eyes Wide ShutCheryl Donegan
Tom Meacham