Saturday, April 16, 2011

What one million dollars can buy you in art

A René Magritte painting title “La recherche de l’absolu” was sold for £657,250 ($1,055,544) by Christie’s at the “The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale” auction on February, 9 2011. Among the great surrealist works that were auctioned, René Magritte’s other painting “L’aimant” sold for the most, an amazing £4,745,250 including buyer’s premium.

 Andy Warhol piece went for over one million dollars yesterday in London at Christie’s “Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale”
“Mao” – £657,250 ($1,140,986)

Roy Lichtenstein’s work “Ohhh…Alright…” sells for a record $42,642,500 at Christie’s Post-war and Contemporary Evening Sale on Nov 10, 2010.
Ohhh...Alright... by Roy Lichtenstein

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Studio Visit with Ted Gahl

From, Ted Gahl was asked: 
I just gave you $1,000,000. Quick, what do you do with it?
1. $700,000 on McMansion where my posse and I can lay our heads at.
2. $200,000 on purple Lamborghini with "Big Teddy" embroidered into headrests.
3. $100,000 on battery-powered, voice-command diamond necklace that spins around when shouted at.

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"L.H.O.O.Q." 1919 Marcel Duchamp

"She has a hott ass" 2010 Christi Saunders

Julia Roberts sprouts some fuzz in Subway.

"FUZZ" Subway Burner

New York Subway Art

"Together we'll Go fart" 2011 Ellery Marshall

Subway Vandalism : Annoying or Gallant?

This calls to mind a particular historical beer guzzling Steve Slater-some people hurrahed but others boohahed.  AIR RAGE!

What is a modern day hero?  Can we compare these two?  Who is your hero? Are there so many icons subversively, underground, in the air, on the air that we are lost in an oceanic blob of choices?

"Alma" 2011 Nathan Loda

Nathan Loda will be having his first solo show EVER tonight at the Bridge Gallery in Shepardstown, VA. Congratulations!
Opening Information
Loda's Website

"Susan Boyle" 2010 Tom Sanford

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Before Beddy Bye" 2008 Leah Tinari

"Martyr One" 2003 Robert Graham


The Birdhive Boys

Brooklyn based bluegrass band: whoa, alliteration crazy.  Shout out to Ellery Marshall!



or you can get one custom made by Greg Galbreath from Eggleston, VA


Studio Visit with Wendy White

Wendy White in front of new painting

Wendy White's paintings are made by drawing with tape made stencils achieving White's font, then painted through with an airbrush. The frames are handmade by White herself and at times extend beyond the canvas with the adidas inspired frame which continues to the architecture running along the floor board. Her inspiration is derived from the ghosts of New York, such as the Gangs of New York. Painted layers on canvas call to mind demolished tenement buildings and the relentless society of progress. Following a demolition, plans to erect the succeeding establishment have already been made. Everything is superimposed and sentimentality is an obsolete response to the capitalistic, globalized, industrialized land of American Dreams. She suggests to the viewer through the use of stylized sport imagery (the tri-stripe) that time is forward but the past is timeless. 

To view Wendy's 3 Stripes : SITE

"Ballet Mecanique" 1924 Fernand Leger and Man Ray

Saturday Sessions at PS1 MOMA:  Forma, a Brooklyn based Synth dream/futuristic trio will be performing the score to five 15 minute avant-garde short films, all score of which was written by Forma themselves. Hosted by Cinema 16's Molly Surno, the films will include Fernand Leger's Ballet Mecanique(1923), Maya Deren's At Land (1944), Hans Ritcher's Vormittagsspuk (Ghosts Before Breakfast) (1928), Shirley Clarke's Dances in the Sun (1953), and Scott Bartlett's Off/ON (1957).  

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"Sunday Morning" 2009 Christi Saunders

"A.M." 2010 Ridley Howard


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christi Saunders and Daniel Heidkamp portrait exchange!


"Christi Saunders" by Daniel Heidkamp

"Daniel Heidkamp" by Christi Saunders

The Birth of a BLOG

After scrutinizing, blaspheming,  cuss, and dawn, "Blog on Linen" has arrived.  Blog wrapped in swaddling media exposure, cyberspace fluid, and love is now an answer to all you Nihilists out there in search of an answer to the Art Existentialism. "Blog on Linen" is an asexual new born weighing in at the human attraction gravitational pull, that is, weight is your own personal reckoning.  Now, you must wonder what happens when a blog is born, well the polite reaction would be to throw a birthday party in honor of thou art. Choosing a location for such to accomodate the local (user) and remote (server) poles of network attachment may be a fire hazard and we may overload the carrying capacity but this is blogland, landless, intangible and on cloud nine. With this said, I feel the only physical domain that can manage such an enthusiastic  audience would be: Cheryl Donegan's show opening at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery.  We will channel our zealous fervor to Irelands provocative, lucky booty-based impression making female.  Welcome and let's all pause for a moment to wish "Blog on Linen"  a very happy birth. 

Eyes Wide ShutCheryl Donegan
Tom Meacham